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 What is 8 Bit Stitch? 

My name is Kari. 

I opened my shop, 8 Bit Stitch on Etsy in 2013. I originally sold finished crochet and cross stitch items. Now my shop has transformed into a hub for cross stitch patterns. I still make finished items, both cross stitch and crochet, on a custom order basis. A year after opening my shop, I began streaming on Twitch. At first, I was a gaming streamer, but when Creative was introduced I quickly made the switch. I love to answer viewer questions, share project photos, and bond with other crafty people through Twitch. I hope to continue to grow my shop so that it will be a staple in every cross-stitchers favorites list. I  also dream to be an online resource to those who want to learn more about the crafts that I do. In 2020 I launch my YouTube channel to do just that and help others learn to cross-stitch!

What is Twitch? I stream my cross stitch, crochet, and pattern making live! That means you can watch me and chat with me while I am working. There is nothing better than getting your crafting questions answered in real time!  Check out my channel by clicking the Twitch logo below.

I also have a Discord chat room where community members from all over the world chat, share project pictures and ask questions about crafting.  You can join in the fun by clicking the Discord logo below.

Kari Warning of 8 Bit Stitch
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